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The idea of using ceiling mounts is such that they can be easily swivelled in place to have medical equipment or gases readily available for patient treatment or care. The benefits translate to flexible positioning and optimal space utilization & in addition hygiene and safety advantages. In nutshell it eliminates cable clutter and above all the unrestricted movement of all components in the space around the place of use.

“Hyline Mediconz” Pendants basic structure consists of ceiling installation flange, drop tube on which the service head is fitted. The service head has Medical Gas, power supply and data modules fitted on it, quantity depending upon requirements. The service heads also have trays / drawers attached to it to keep medical equipments / monitoring equipments on the tray for easy accessibility and better visualization. The positioning of the Medical gas terminals, electrical outlets & trays can be done on different faces of the service head such that they do not form a clutter & mating equipments can be easily used / installed.

“Hyline Mediconz” Pendants come in various combinations, nearly 31 basic configurations, to suit each user’s individual requirements. Various combinations, “Single arm” or “Double arm” pendants with variance in arm lengths, standard being 600, 800 and 1000mm, combinations of different sizes of shelves and drawers, options of gas outlets, data modules and electrical points, weight carrying capacity ranging from 80 Kg to 300Kg. Some of the basic models are:

  • Arm-based motorized ceiling pendant
  • Beam-based motorized ceiling pendant
  • Arm-based mechanical ceiling pendant
  • Combination type ceiling pendant (For Wet Zone & Dry Zone)
  • Beam –based ceiling pendant