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Conductive Flooring – within the OT area:

Static electricity is everywhere. At its most spectacular, we see thunderbolts and lightening but it is also generated by friction and by separation of two differing materials where one is not a conductor. Static electricity is harmless to humans; however, it can pose a serious threat to sensitive electronic equipment, which can be subject to complete failure in the event of an uncontrolled build up and discharge of electro-static energy.

The rapid increase in the use of highly sophisticated electronic technology has demanded development of highly specialised static control floorings, which plays its part in supporting staff, patients and equipment. “Hyline Mediconz” offers floorings for within the OT area which meet the following critical functional requirements:

  • The floor material adheres firmly to a suitable subfloor system, such that the floor finish is smooth, crack free and stable.
  • Static control properties to protect sensitive equipment & for better hygiene.
  • Resistance to chemical spillages
  • Air and water imperviousness
  • Withstand rolling of heavy mobile equipment
  • Withstand regular cleaning and disinfection
  • Having anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatment applied throughout the entire thickness of the flooring material.
  • There is a continuous return between the wall and the floor, a minimum of 100mm, which allows easy cleaning and avoids microbial colonisation.
  • When vinyl material is used as a floor finish, all joints between the edges of each tile are welded to give a seamless / joint less surface finish and is having a minimum thickness of 2mm.
  • They are abrasive, slip and wear resistant.

“Hyline Mediconz” offers the above properties using both types of material for the flooring – “Vinyl” and “Epoxy”, depending upon the customer’s specific requirements. However, “Vinyl” material is preferred as it’s far easier to maintain / install than “Epoxy”. They confirm to EN 649, EN 1081 and ANSI / ESD 7.1 standards.