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Systems for monitoring installations are becoming increasingly complex and at the same time there is a need to make information available quickly and clearly laid out at central points. “Hyline Mediconz” control panels support its customers with standardised interface, data visualisation and integration of external equipment. For control of information from other equipment, both digital inputs as well as relay and open – collector outputs are available.

Our panels come in both designs – “Dedicated membrane layout” and “Touch screen control panel”. The membrane based control panels have bright LEDs indicating warnings, error messages and messages related to operation. Background colour and labelling of the membrane panel can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. The Touch screen control panel is based on a LCD:TFT type of screen, with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and is based on a PLC system instead of a normal OS system, which is prone to frequent crashes. It is sensitive to touch using a finger, gloved hand or a soft stylus.

Indicators / controls which our panels have are:

  • Day time clock.
  • Elapsed time clock
  • Lighting control for Laminar and peripheral lights, the light intensity can also be varied.
  • Medical gas alarm, indicating high and low pressure for up to 6 different type of gases, both visually and via an audio alarm.
  • Indicator for room temperature, with a display range of 0 – 50°C, resolution of 1°C.
  • Humidity indicator, with a display range of 0% - 100%, resolution of 1% RH.
  • External / intercom phone interface
  • Optional indicator for HEPA filters status, whether they require replacement.


“Hyline Mediconz” offers both CFL and LED based X-ray view screens. The screen incorporates front Acrylic sheet from Mitsubishi, which results in a softer, brighter shape of image. To hold the film, the unit has an elastic silica self-locking clip instead of a needle roller, thus preventing the film from getting damaged. There is uniform luminance across the entire screen and the intensity of the light can be varied using push button switches to one’s desired requirement of luminance, provides step less, flicker free dimming, ranging from 100% - 10%. Exceptionally high level of luminous density from 4000 to 5400 cd/SqM. Standard build is of a twin plate unit, however, optional single plate and four plate units are also available.