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It is recommended that a Sliding door is installed for the movement of staff and material in and out of an operation theatre, in order to maintain a high level of sterile environment within the OT.

The word “Hermetic” stands for - Sealed so as to be air tight. One of the most important causes of wound infections is the uncontrolled exchange of air and the weakest points in such an air control system is, the door. A turbulent air flow across the floor will stir up dust particles, some of which will be carrying germs and when a door does not close properly, it can even cause permanent disruption of the pressure hierarchy.

The advantages of a sliding door over a Hinged / swing door are many, few important ones are:

  • Prevention of uncontrolled movements of air during opening / closing of the door.
  • Large openings are feasible.
  • Considerable amount of expensive space saving within the OT area.
  • Easier movement of material and staff, to and from the OT.
  • Less usage damage to the product and little maintenance required.
  • User Friendly.

Why A “Hyline Mediconz” Supplied Hermetic Sealing Sliding Door??

  • Contamination risks in the room are under control.
  • Disinfecting is quicker & safer.
  • Control the positive pressure in the room.
  • The number of air changes and amount of clean air required is reduced, saving money.
  • Less clean air is necessary with hermetic doors.
  • Controlled theatre atmosphere: constant temperature of 18ºC - 24ºC and a humidity of 40 – 60% can be easily controlled.
  • In case of fire, prevents smoke from spreading.
  • Creating a quite environment in & outside the theatre.