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The quality of medical services and the profitability of hospital operation are two fundamental objectives which shall never be mutually contradictory, especially at times when budgets are tight. Focussing on the patient, it is essential that the entire hospital staff is not only extremely well trained; the Hospital must also have a perfect process oriented architecture, medical equipment, information technology, building technology and infection control management.

The need to have a modular OT is driven from the necessity of having an advance design to minimize infection, very high hygiene standard, clean air, flexibility, better work efficiency and essentially it should comply with the international standards – HTM 03-01, HTM 02-01, HBN 26 etc.

An operation theatre contains variety of equipment and services in a relatively small area. Our design of modular operation theatre is such that it offers flexibility to the surgical team, easy field installation and future modification requirements can be easily met.

There are a range of modular methods for constructing a modular OT; all the methods offer the same degree of standardisation and pre-assembly. The suitability of proposed methods can be determined according to the individual circumstances of the surgical facilities required. Some of the basic considerations that all “Hyline Mediconz” modular methods comply with are:

  • Compliance with statuary and other requirements
  • Infection control
  • Decontamination
  • Protecting a patients privacy
  • Information technology & communication
  • Natural and artificial lighting

Some of the main benefits of a modular operation theatre are:

  • Shorter construction timescales, because of repeated elements and parallel working
  • More likely to meet completion deadlines
  • Less disruption to existing facilities and services, with reduce time on site
  • Higher life expectancy
  • Higher work efficiency
  • Easier maintenance
  • Flexibility, future modification requirements can easily be met
  • Very high hygiene standards
  • Possible to customize process oriented architecture