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Both Electro-Hydraulic and Mechanical – Hydraulic range of Operating tables are available. Some of the salient features are:

  • Stainless Steel body, seamless PUR pad with a high quality and reliable hydraulic system.
  • 4-section design to meet different requirements of surgical positions.
  • X-Ray lucent for all 4 parts of table top with rails for X-Ray cassettes.
  • To facilitate “C-Arm” use, longitudinal shift of table top is possible and also interchangeable head and leg plates, making it more convenient for using the “C-Arm”.
  • Dual control system, with both wired hand control remote and also a control panel on the table column.
  • The Electro-Hydraulic system has an internal rechargeable battery backup.
  • The Leg plate can be easily assembled / disassembled and has a pneumatic spring for upward, downward and outward movement.
  • Side rails for mounting various accessories including orthopaedic traction frame and head frame.
  • Applicable / can be used for various surgical specialities like – General surgery, sitting position for Neurological surgery, Thoracic and Kidney surgery, Urology and Gynaecological surgery, Minimal invasive surgery and Anorectal surgery.
  • Various heights and angle positions can be adjusted to meet the surgeon’s needs during a procedure, like – upward / downward movement, trendelenberg / reverse trendelenberg, Tilt left / right, leg plate adjustment, back plate adjustment and head plate adjustment.
  • Various compatible accessories available.