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“Hyline Mediconz” static pass boxes are self-contained units. It minimises the amount of particulate contamination entering the OT by reducing operator traffic. Equipments and materials are passed in and out of the OT via the hatch box, which is equipped with a electrical interlock system that prevents both doors from being opened at the same time. The unit is constructed using stainless steel grade 304 material. In the hatch area, between both the doors a UV light is installed, which comes into operation only when both the doors are locked / closed. Both the doors of the hatch have a suitable size of glass view window; Standard sizes that are available are 600 x 600 x 600 mm OR 750 x 750 x 600 (Depth) mm.


Insulated glazing (IG) also known as double glazing, are double glass window panes, separated by an air or other gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across it. The glass panes are separated by a “spacer” which is a piece that separates the two panes of glass system and seals the space between them. They have Heat insulating and Acoustic insulating properties. The glass used is laminated or tempered type of glass. In case sometimes one requires blocking the incoming natural light, like in the case of a laser based surgery, one can have the option of installing motorized horizontal blinds having powder coated aluminium strips, providing laser protection 70% black out.


These are a range of multi-bladed units specifically designed to control room air pressures in critical areas, such as OT’s, Aseptic suites, clean room and similar areas. The unit comprises of carbon steel housing which contains up to four Grade 304 stainless steel blades, which pivot upon sealed for life bearing assemblies. They are accurate to a range of 1 pascal over their working range of 5 – 35 Pa.


OT’s are demanding clean rooms having zero-error zones. The luminary needs to be specially designed as per the requirements and understanding of a Clean room. “Hyline Mediconz” luminaries are non-corrosive in nature to avoid any kind of contamination. It can withstand repeated cleaning with water, detergent and agreed disinfecting material. They have high levels of ingress protection (IP-65), the gasket material is non-hygroscopic in nature (EPDM) and is made of high resilience material that “bounce back” after compression. The enclosure has a virgin PMMA non-yellowing grade acrylic diffuser with slim low loss analogue dimmable ballast.