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No surgical procedure is identical, every surgeon needs light of different quality during an operation, switching between higher and lower intensity, high-contrast and shadow-reducing illumination of the surgical field. The demands made for an “ideal” operating light are not only stringent, but contradictory as well – “It should be bright, but not hot. High definition yes, but no shadows please, focusing on the one hand, “wrapping” objects in light on the other hand.” To satisfy them, the best available know-how is required – and decades of experience, that’s exactly what we offer!

Some of the main salient features are:

  • Universal 6 – joint spring suspension arm, 360° rotatable joints, meeting the various requirements of heights, angles and patient’s positions.
  • Based on Halogen lamp with an average lifespan of more than 1000 hours. Has a built in back-up bulb which comes on automatically, in case the routine bulb fails.
  • The reflector has more than 2000 facets to create an excellent effect in focusing depths and shadow less illumination.
  • The material of the light domes having high efficient endothermic system, which allows light to be transmitted and at the same time absorbs and obstructs heat spread, thus keeping the operating area “Cool”.
  • Laminar Flow compatibility
  • Each dome having a Luminance of 120,000 ~ 160,000 Lux, colour temperature of 4200 ± 500 Kelvin.
  • Optional requirement of having a built in high definition camera system is possible.

LED Based Operating Light:

These lights are lighter in construction, thus optimizing ergonomics.LED improves the light yield, cuts heat generation even further and one has a better control on the colour temperature. The average life span of the bulb is also far greater – more than 50,000 hours. The adjustable focus handle controls the projection angle of light and adjusts the facula size and optical focal length easily.