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Partitions / Walls are required to enclose spaces, and at the same time, facilitate activities to be carried out whilst protecting adjacent spaces from those activities to defined environmental conditions. Finishes are applied to partitions / wall surfaces not only for functional reasons but also to enhance the health care environment.

Wall finishes in an operation theatre should be durable and able to withstand wet cleaning and the accidental impact of trolleys and heavy mobile equipment. They should be smooth, hard, seamless and impervious surfaces. Some of the main characteristics that “Hyline Mediconz” offers for an Operation Theatre wall surface are:

  • They should be designed to withstand loading imposed by equipment, fixtures and fittings.
  • They should be free from fissures, open joints or crevices.
  • They should not comprise of materials that promote or sustain the growth of fungi and microorganisms.
  • They should be able to withstand the expansion and contraction of the wall.
  • They should be durable and be able to withstand minor impacts without the need for additional wall protection.
  • They should be impermeable and easily wiped over if necessary and not be physically affected or degraded by detergents and disinfectants.
  • The wall finish should have a film thickness of 150-300 microns thick and should have joint less / smooth imperforate finish.
  • They should have stability to prevent cracking and movement and hygrothermal performance.

Similarly and normally the ceiling within an operation theatre is also made of the same material as that of the wall system, as the same characteristic requirements are needed. They should be smooth surfaces on concealed suspension systems, impervious and able to withstand hard cleaning regimes. It should be able to support dead loading from a range of surface-mounted or recessed ceiling fixtures. Modular ceilings are not acceptable in an operation theatre.

Based on the above characteristic requirements, different types of material could be used for wall and ceiling requirements of an OT like:

  • High Pressure Laminate
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel, Grade 202 / 304
  • Solid Mineral Surface

Each material having its own advantages and disadvantages and its selection will largely depend upon the site environmental conditions and cost of ownership. “Hyline Mediconz” wall and ceiling panels meet the specifications laid out for “Requirements for building elements in healthcare facilities – NHS Standard 8941.”